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"Meet Father Frost!"

"Meet Father Frost!"

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Nobody can deny that they aren't great fans of Santa Claus, and were waiting impatiently for his arrival along with his carriage of gifts as a kid. As adults, we still look forward to Christmas & New Year for miracles to take place or happen to us all the time. In Belarus, you can return back to your wonderful memories and experience the magic of Christmas and New Year in a similar atmosphere, by visiting the Residence of Santa Claus - called "Father Frost". Here you are granted 85 wishes, which are said to come true in the future with the help of some magical objects placed exclusively in his home. We will talk about them more in our Blogger lens below...

Father Frost Residence
Knights keep watch at night! 

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The Residence of Belarusian Father Frost operates round the year, and is located 380kms from Minsk, in Brest region, close to the border on Poland. It came into existence in 2003, and is situated in the oldest national reserve - "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", which is one of the heritages of the UNESCO. The place was an ideal location chosen for such a legendary and fabulous figure as Father Frost. Father Frost liked the residence a lot that he decided to settle down in "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" permanently. In earlier times, he use to frequently visit the area but at that time he had a problem of finding a suitable shelter for himself so he had to sleep under a fir-tree, in a haystack or in a snowdrift but now that was no longer the case as he has a residence built for him. Father Frost spent many years living alone in the forest. He could talk only with animals, birds, trees and bushes in a special language of nature, on which Father Frost is a great expert. People invited him to their homes, once a year during New Year and Christmas time, and always demanded gifts from him. But nowadays, while living in his kingdom, he has many visitors coming to him every day; kids and adults, native people, and foreigners, whom he is very glad to see in his residence any time.

At the entrance of the kingdom of Belarusian Father Frost, two wooden knights - Dub-Dubovich and Vyaz-Vyazovich, salute their guests. In the past they were huge Oak and Elm trees growing in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Father Frost liked communicating with those trees while going for a walk through the forest all the time. Unfortunately, after some severe thunderstorm they were destroyed. Avoiding parting with his two old "friends", Father Frost asked to carve from them two wooden knights, who now guard his kingdom faithfully day and night.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!
At the residence of Father Frost.

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After passing the entrance, the world of fairy-tails opens its doors for visitors, as you will meet Snow White and 7 Dwarfs who would be glad to see you here. All of them live close to the Well of Miracles! It is known that the Stepmother who had thrown Snow white out of the castle had a magical mirror. But the Stepmother broke it into many pieces, and threw them away when she had found out that Snow White was still alive, and living with the 7 Dwarfs' in their place. The pieces of that magical mirror are still on the bottom of the Well of Miracles. If a visitor, who has never done any bad deed in life, comes up to the Well and says: "Well, Well, let me bow down for you and drink some water!", then all the broken pieces will become again one and the magic mirror will come to the surface of water in the Well. The mirror will answer to all your questions and the water in the well will turn into healing.

Father Frost Residence!
The Complex.

The residence of Father Frost includes:
  •  Beautiful two-storied wooden house of Father Frost with his throne hall, cabinet and bedroom,
  •  Small wooden house of Snow-maiden, the granddaughter of Father Frost,
  •  Treasure house "Skarbnica" - a storage house of gifts; children's letters, pictures, photos who write to Father Frost,
  •  Museum of Father Frost with a great collection of antiquities which showcases the traditional old village lifestyle and objects of survival at that time in Belarus,
  • Museum of Nature which showcases the riches of the different types of flora and fauna available in Belarus.

Father Frost Two Storied Wooden House!
Here is where Father Frost Lives.

Father_Frost_Two Storied_Wooden_House_Belarus
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Father Frost Two Storied Wooden House! 
A view at night.  

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Father Frost Two Storied Wooden! House
A view at night from a different angle. 

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The Snow Maiden House!
Here lives the Grand-daughter of Father Frost.

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The Snow Maiden lives in a separate house opposite her granddad's house because it is very difficult for her to fall asleep under the loud snoring of her Father Frost. He is usually very tired after his busy days, and sleeps like a log.

The Snow Maiden's Bedroom!
Here sleeps the Grand-daughter of Father Frost.

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The Treasure House!
At the Father Frost Residence.

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Pictures on the Wall!
A collage of pictures can be seen in the treasure House.

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Museum of Antiquities in The Father Frost Residence!
Traditional Iron and Cutting Tools. 

Museum_of_Antiquitie_ in_Father_Frost_Residence
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Museum of Antiquities in the Father Frost Residence!
Traditional Utensils and Handicraft Cloth! 

Museum_of_Antiquitie_ in_Father_Frost_Residence
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Museum of Nature!
In the Father Frost Residence. 

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Hunting in Old Times!
A scene of how hunting took place in old times in the museum of nature.  

Museum of Nature_Hunting_in_old_times
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Wildlife Species in Winter!
A showcase of wildlife species in winter in the Museum of Nature. 

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Where is Dedushka Moroz
Lets go find him!

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Hmm!...So what should we do next?
Should we knock on his door? 

There is an existing tradition in Belarus where they mention that the first thing to do when you reach the "Father Frost Residence" then you must go to his porch of his wooden house, and call him loudly by repeating his name 3 times: "Father Frost!... Father Frost!... Father Frost!" 

 View a video on How to call Father Frost?

The video is in Russian but the 3 times calling rule is very much understandable! In Russian, the people are calling out for Father Frost as "Dedushka Moroz!",. A very important thing that you will note that "Father Frost" will not come out to the people if they are not loud, happy & active about meeting him. Interesting isn't it? After this Father Frost would appear on the porch, and allow the visitors to take a tour of his wooden house with all the decoration and riches. On the ground floor there is a meeting room with solemn throne decorated with thousands of golden small light bulbs that look like precious stones. Then on the 1st floor there is a broad carved wooden bed. Usually the Snow-maiden, and the Forest Fairy make his bed, covering it with a big snow-white blanket, and putting 7 pillows over it with the biggest one at the bottom, and the smallest one on top. When Father Frost has got lots of things to do, he sleeps on the smallest pillow. And on the contrary, when he is not so busy, he has a longer rest on his biggest comfortable pillow.

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Oh we forgot! - Your 85 wishes!

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But you need to know which magical objects gives them to you!
While moving around the area of the "Father Frost Residence then on your way to the main Christmas Tree, you will meet "12 Months!" - These are wooden creatures standing, and they symbolize all the months of the year. Now you should find the m onth in which you were born, then make your 1st wish while touching it! - Wasn't that easy!

Make a Wish Wooden Objects!
Each represents a month of the year!

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If you look at the above images then the picture on the left facing you is the month of April. In Belarussian, we call it "Krasavik". Then the picture that you see on the right side facing you is the month of August. In Belarussian, we call it "Zhniven". In the same manner then you will see 10 other objects that symbolize the other months. Its fun actually going around in circles searching for your birthday!

"1" Wish Granted! - 84 more to go!
How do we get the rest of the wishes?

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 Moving on then we continue our journey ahead on the road which will lead us directly to the main Christmas Tree located on the grounds of the "Father Frost Residence". Did you know that this tree is considered to be the highest Christmas tree in the whole Europe, which is now already 121 years old.

During Christmas, and New Year time it attracts lots and lots of tourists from all over the world. Near the Christmas tree, you can also see some other dwellers of the residence, standing there and welcoming the oncoming guests. Who are they you may ask? One is Aunt "Snowstorm" of the snow maiden and the other two are her cousins "Snowflakes". And now comes the opportunity to grant you the second wish. Hold each others hands and dance around the Christmas tree!...Don't forget to wish doing it!!!

The Christmas Tree!
The tallest in all of Europe seen inside the Father Frost Residence. 

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The main sight of the residence is the Christmas Tree which is higher than 40 meters. They say that the "Dry Cruel Wind" was very jealous of the beauty of the Christmas Tree, and decided to destroy her. But the Wind succeeded only in making her low branches dry. The Wind got really angry and did not stop persuing the Christmas Tree. He brought lots of fir-tree seeds, and spread them near the roots of the Christmas Tree, and said to them: "Grow fast and become much higher, and much more beautiful than your elder sister!". But they refused to fulfill the order of the Wind. Then he put a spell on them and turned them into artificial fir-trees that nowadays surround the Main Christmas Tree which is decorated with 5 thousands light bulbs.

"2" Wishes Down! - 83 more to go!

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More Magic and more wishes to come, keep reading!
Its been a long day but we still have many wishes to be granted. So we move ahead and arrive at "The Magic Bridge". Its here where you can make the rest of your 83 wishes come true. However, its not that simple as said. You have 83 obstacles on your way. You hear me right! 83 wooden logs which make this beautiful magical bridge. Your task! - Hmm! Thats the difficult part! After all, who said wishes can be granted so easily...

Oh i won't take much of your time so without further adieu then each wooden log has to be stepped upon but carefully and your wish is to be asked while doing so. Just remember one thing! DON"T STUMBLE! Oops! Your wish would be cancelled and you would have to start all over again. Yeah right! Actually it is a very good exercise for training your balance.
There you are! Now you have your wishes and they have been granted. Good Job! But wait! Its not over yet! There are more interesting things to see. "The Magic Mill!". They say if you touch this mill while having something heavy in your heart or having done something bad, the mill will grind it all like flour, and make your soul light again. Doesn't that sound magical and "Wonderful!"

Oh! By the way, we aren't done yet! Just close to the mill, there is a "Magical Lake!" where Princess-frog exists who is waiting for her lover to come and save her!.

The Mill in The Father Frost Residence!
Let it grind all your sorrows away! 

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The Magical Mill and Bridge in The Father Frost Residence!

Now you must be wondering how to cross that Magical Bridge!

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The Frog Princess in The Magical Lake!
Waiting eagerly for her lover to come and save her!

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The Bewitched Reindeer!
Father Frost's Faithful Helper

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There is also a faithful helper of Father Frost - a "Bewitched!" reindeer with its sledge. Only once a year Father Frost can remove this spell and use its service to deliver gifts to children all over the country.

Come lets meet Mr. Snowman!
He's Father Frosts Father-in-Law

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Did you know that "Father Frost" had an extended relative?...I thought so!

Well, Mr. Snowman! - Our one and only favorite winter activity, when the snow has fallen outside the window and its piled up all ready for playing then we & our children run out to meet him. Did we say meet him?...Sorry!...Build him!

We put on a nice red muffler on his neck, give him sticks as his hands and stones as his winter coat buttons. What's more then we take pictures with him for our memoirs or the next picture in our family album. Never did we think that hey that's really "Father Frosts" Father-in-law!...Yup! He sure is our one and only "Mr. Snowman!". Oh and by the way then the Snowman you see in the picture is everlasting as its made with lights and not snow. It stands inside the "Father Frost Residence" for visitors to get a glimpse of him or see the wonderful lights he twinkles in at night. Its a beautiful sight to visit!

Meeting and Greetings!
Meet Father Frost Round the Year

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"Father Frost" is glad to meet his guests both in winter and summer, as his residence works round the year, every day from 9:00 till 18:00. Close to residence, there are very nice hotels for tourists to stay in for some days.

While enjoying time in the Kingdom of Father Frost visitors have an opportunity to see an "Aurochs!" - The king of the Belorusian forests who is an endangered specie, and as also in "The Red Book". Just to let you know then the red book is a list of all the endangered animals and birds in Belarus that are highly protected from poaching or killing. The "Auroch" lives in the oldest reserve in Belarus called "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", about which you will get to know in detail in our further articles.

Contact the Father Frost Residence!
Visit the website to learn more. (Russian Language Only) 

225063, Brest region, Kamenecky District,
village ""Kamenuki", Belarus.
Tel 1. +375 1631 56-3-98
Tel 2. +375 1631 56-3-98
Web site:

It is possible to book an excursion to the residence of "Father Frost" through any travel agency in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

The map of the residence of "Father Frost"

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