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Travel to Belarus and meet Father Frost's Family!

"Travel to Belarus and meet Father Frost's Family!"

House of Fairy Tales
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Belarus is considered to be a treasure house of fairy tales, fables and mythical figures. Here you can find here lots of interesting historical places and also mythological ones which are full of miracles. All of these places are surrounded with the beauty of nature that changes its color four times a year. The vivid example of one of these magical places in Belarus is the Residence of Father Frost that operates round the year, where everyone can grand 85 wishes. It is not the only magical place here but the extension to his family tree is enormous too that adds to everyone's fascination. I wonder if you knew that his "Great-Grandfather" is still alive and still welcomes guests to his own fairy-tale world, both in winter and summer. "Father Frost's Great-Grandfather is 200 years elder than his grandson - "Father Frost", who is nowadays 1769 years old. Quite young we must say!

The Village Ozerki in the Vitebsk Region!
Residence of Great Grandfather Zuzya Poozersky.

Winter Fairy Tale
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The residence of Father Frost's great-grandfather is located in a village called "Ozerki, which is in the Vitebsk region. It is surrounded by a still and mysterious forest. Only 7 magical kilometers separates it from one of the oldest towns of Belarus - "Postavy", which was founded in the 15th century under orders of Lithuanian prince Vitovt as Belarus that times was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The name of the great-grandfather of the Belarusian Father Frost is "Zuzya Poozersky". He is a character taken from the pre-Christian mythology of Belarusian ancestors. "Zuzya Poozersky" is the personification of Frost and Snowstorm, the God of Winter. The name Zuzya is derived from the Belarusian word "Zuzec"which means "to freeze".

Great Grandfather Zuzya Poozersky on YouTube!

Video Credits: YouTube Member - KP.BY | powered by Youtube

Pre-Christian Times Religion
Photo Credits: Taken from website
Thrilling Stories of "Zuzya Poozersky!"
Pre-Christian times & the people's beliefs.

Trip to the Residence of "Zuzya Poozersky" is a thrilling story about the life of Belarusian ancestors, Gods in whom they believed. In ancient, Pre-Christian times people did not believe in Father Frost, but in "Zuzya". They were afraid of him, but at the same time respected him. During the winter people used to say: "Who is making this noise? Who is clattering here? - It is Zuzya, who wants to scare people." On Christmas Eve, in everyone's home, Belarusian ancestors used to cook a special national dish, called "Kutya" - kasha made from wheat grains with honey and milk. And they never forgot about Zuzya and put a plate full of kasha on a table for him to cajole Zuzya. People asked him to be kind to their winter crops and domestic animals that Zuzya could freeze any time. "Zuzya Poozersky" is considered to be a red-nosed old man in a white fur-coat, with bare feet in any weather, who always carries an iron mace. They say that in winter Zuzya beats trees with his iron mace to make them covered with white frost.

"Meet Zuzya Poozersky!"

Zuzya Poozersky in Belarus
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Can we pass through?
Great Grandfather Zuzya Poozersky Residence.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus

At his residence, "Zuzya Poozersky" does not live alone, but with lots of his friends. At the entrance gates, watchful guarders - Snowman and Treefolk wait for their guests with a prepared list of riddles, and only after passing the tasks do the doors to the mysterious kingdom of "Zuzya Poozersky" open. Behind the gates, the housekeeper - "Aunty Agata" salutes incoming guests.

"Meet Aunty Agata"

Aunty Agata in Belarus Winter Residence

Sheshka - The Awful Hooligan!
Known to scare visitors.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
Photo Credits: Taken from website

 Under big fir-trees, on outer woods of the residence, there is a small mythological village, which is called "Zuzeva Okolica" - "Village fence of Zuzya". Various spirits live here in their own wooden house with a straw roof, called "teremok". Nobody knows whether it is a short or long way to this mysterious village.

 It is only known that the way to it is not so easy, and everyone first will have to overcome 3 gates and 3 bridges, and each of them is guarded by some spirit. On the 1st gates, the spirit "Sheshka" sits, which is an awful hooligan. Devils refused to take it into their gang as Sheshka failed their task to steal a man's soul. Nowadays, it lives here and tries to scary visitors.

A new kind of danger waits close to the 1st bridge, where the other spirit, called "Klikun" hides. The word "klikac" in Belarusian means "to invite disaster". However, visitors should not be afraid of this spirit, it fulfills the order of its master - "Zuzya Poozersky", and can bring only happiness and good luck for people for a whole year.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
Photo Credits: Taken from website

Passing the 2nd bridge, you should not worry about meeting any evil spirit, as it is guarded by "Vuzhalka". It's the daughter of the king of snakes. In ancient time, it could not do any harm to people. But, on the contrary, Belarusian ancestors believed that if they would find a necklace dropped by "Vuzhalka", on that place there was a hidden treasure deep in the ground.

 Photo Credits: Taken from website

After the bridge visitors should be on the alert, especially those who were a mischievous kid in childhood. As here the spirit "Hapun" lives, who can catch away a hooligan in his big feedbag to some place, from where nobody has ever returned yet.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus

When you reach the 3rd bridge, you should be accompanied by someone, as it is not good to wander about alone there. Behind the last bridge, you will see a special glade, which is called "Kolyadnaya Polyana", where there are a wooden statue of a goat - the symbol of fertility in Belarusian folklore, and a wooden statue of a horse - a helper in any household chores. If you touch these two statues, then you will have prosperity in your family and success in your undertakings.  

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
The village "Zuzeva Okolica"
Guarded by a "Pig!"

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
On the way to the "Zuzeva Okolica", there is only one more gate left to pass, and then you will reach the village of spirits, which is guarded not by a dog, but by a pig.

In this village there is a small bathhouse, whose master is "Laznik". It is very difficult to visit it, as Laznik only invites spirits to his bathhouse after midnight. This beautiful wooden house was built for Wood Goblin, who moved here with his family.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
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Like in any village, there is a well here. It is not a normal well, it is the Well of miracles. There is no water in it at all. But sincere wishes, whispered in its darkness, can come true.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
Photo Credits: Taken from website

The most important thing while making your wish is that you should not let the spirits spoil it. As they can turn your wish into a beautiful unrealizable dream. So what's the method? Here is how you should do it! You have to come up to the Magical Tree, go around it three times, and ring the bell hanging from it. After that all the spirits will disappear.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus

The Easter Egg

The 1st Monument in Belarus

Easter Egg Monument in Belarus

In the kingdom of "Zuzya Poozersky", there is the 1st and the only monument dedicated to The Easter Egg in whole Belarus.

Zuzya Poozersky Residence in Belarus
Photo Credits: Taken from the website -

 A very unusual art gallery - "The Art Gallery of Spirits", introduces all kinds of existing spirits to its visitors.

You can also visit the museum - "The New Year Tree Museum", where you will get to know about the tradition of decorating a Christmas and New Year Tree, about the origins of this tradition:

- which New Year and Christmas decorations were in fashion during the 19th and 20th centuries?
- which New Year and Christmas postcard people gave to each other that times?

In the residence of "Zuzya Poozersky", you will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition of "Christmas Charm". In ancient times, objects found in peope's houses were considered to have their own symbolic meaning. For example, it was forbidden to spit on the ground floor of their house as it was the symbol of soil and fertility. Any house did not have windows facing the north, as they believed that souls of the dead went to that direction. Every house had an oven that symbolized an infinite life in that house.

A trip to the residence of "Zuzya Poozersky" is a nice chance to experience ancient traditions and customs of Belarusian ancestors. For example, such pre-Christian folk festival as "Kupalle" or "Kupala" or "Ivan Kupala", that is celebrated on the 6th of July in Belarus.

In ancient times people believed in the deity, called Kupala. Some scientists consider that the name "Ivan Kupala" has a folk, Christian origin and is the Slavic version for the name John the Baptist. The festival "Kupala" is full of rituals connected with water, fire and herbals. The majority of them are fulfilled at night.

Meet "Makosha!"
Spin your thread of destiny. 
thread of destiny
Photo Credits: Taken from website
 In the residence of "Zuzya Poozersky", you can spin your own thread of destiny or request the services of a spinner called "Makosha", who lives here.
In the pottery workshop visitors can try to make clay toys with their own hands or choose a small gift like a memory. Visiting the exhibition "Paazerskiya zabauki", especially organized for tourists, you can buy unusual souvenirs like a memory about the residence of Zuzya.

Theaterical performances!
Based on traditional Pre-Christian customs of Belarus
Residence of Zuzya Poozersky in Belarus
Photo Credits: Taken from the website -
There is a chance to watch theatrical performances based on folk, pre-Christian traditions and customs of Belarusian ancestors.

The Traven full of treats of Zuzya!
Residence of zuzya poozersky in Belarus

At the end of the trip in the kingdom of Zuzya, a nice surprise awaits visitors; it is "the Fireworks of positive emotions". Don't forget to visit the tavern "Treats of Zuzya", where you can try dishes of national Belarusian cuisine, tasty herbals tea made in a traditional samovar. "Zuzya Poozersky" has also created a special menu for adults, the name of which is "Charka, shkvarka, saleny agurok."

We are sure by now you are excited to get to know what it would be, aren't you? Then come to the welcoming residence of "Zuzya Poozersky".

The residence of Belarusian Father Frost's great-grandfather is visited by groups of tourists from various countries including Russia, China, Germany, Poland, and Italy. 
When you hear the word "Magic", it brings about an excitement.
So! - What about magical apples and cards?

The Soldier & the Tsar! - Magical Cards & Apples!

Video Credits: YouTube Member - George S. | powered by Youtube

Magical Apples or Cards? - Your choice!
Now then,You've seen the video above and you would have an idea of this debate. If you haven't then we would suggest you did watch it and then come back to this debate. Well then, if you had to choose between the magical cards and apples.

Hmm! So which one would you choose and why?....We'd love to see on which side of the river do you stand?

Elaborate on your choice as it would help us and the readers to imagine your fantasy with "Magic!"  - Enter your answers in the Comments section!

Which Magical object would you choose?
  • The magical cards!
  • The magical apples!

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Winter Activities for a healthy mind & body!

Winter Activities for a healthy mind & body!

Photo Credits: Taken from site
Here is another wonderful place that can be visited by travelers for both an active winter or to rest in the summer in Belarus. Welcome "Logoisk" Ski Resort! The resort is located 30kms from Minsk, and is a modern ski resort that meets with the European standards. It is a real adrenaline paradise for amateurs of extreme activities. The resort is open to the general public & its visitors round the year. The "Logoisk" resort offers 5 lightened ski trails which are 3679 m long, the height of which varies till 82mts. All of them are equipped with a quad ski lift, which can carry about two thousand people per hour. There is also a rope tow there. Beginners can use the service of experienced instructors and train on a specially designed slope that has been just for them, the height of which is 11m, and the length is 120 m. The Logoisk Ski Resort Video Credits: Youtube Member "gsoklogoisk" Picturesque nature and various sorts of adventures are waiting for you in "Logoisk" Ski Resort. Come and build unforgettable memories!

ГСОК «Логойск» Презентация by gsoklogoisk | video info curated content from YouTube

"Logoisk" Ski Resort Visitor favorites & attractions!
Photo Credits: Taken from the following website
One of the favorite things for many visitors of the resort is the attraction called "Rope City". It's a unique adventurous terrain with a set of obstacles. The attraction is for everyone older then 10 years old who would like to overcome the fear of heights and face adventure.

What everyone would find here is fascinating as the terrain has got hanging streets, bridges and 3 adventurous tracks:

1. Green Track - The beginners track! (Upto 3mts)
2. Blue Track - Complex is for the confident amateurs (From 6 to 9mts)
3. Black Track - Finally the 'Extra!" Complex which is for the professionals (From 6 to 12mts)

At the resort then in the winter time, there are organized nights of skiing, Celebrations of Belarusian folk festivals such as the "Kalyady" (Usually takes place in the middle of January), "Maslenica" (In the last week of March), and numerous competitions and performances that take place during the year.

Here listed are a few of the above activities:
1. International Beer Festival - "Kubok Piva"
2. International Fireworks Festival - "Navalnica"
3. International Rally of Air Balloons Amateurs
4. International Rally Bikers - "Rolling Anarchy"
5. International Drift Competitions,

If you want to experience the wonderful nature, and enjoy complete rest then take a trip to the "Logoisk" Ski Resort and spend a few days there. A Hotel is located on the territory of the resort, which was built in the year 2005. Every hotel room comes with all the essentials: TV, telephone, shower, and WC. WiFi is available but extra charges apply. "Logoisk" Ski Resort Summer Activites & Meeting Facilities!

Photo Credits: Taken from the following website

Further more then the resort has also facilities for such summer activities, such as paintball, mini-football, volleyball, tennis, and ATVs.

Other facilities include: 
- A free car-parking,
- A restaurant,
- A rental office of sports equipment,
- A shooting range,
- A billiards room,
- A fitness center, a sauna,
- A 3D-cinema,
- A disco-bar,
- A summer houses for barbecue,
- & a beach near the forest lake where you can enjoy swimming under the hot sun or rent a boat to go fishing!

The "Logoisk" resort is referred to one of the best places for business seminars, meetings, presentations, and conferences. The resort facilitates halls of different space & seating to hold all participants for any type of corporate meetings. It is also an excellent place for individuals, family and corporate recreation. Directions:

You can reach the "Logoisk" Ski Resort from Minsk, from bus station "Moskovskii" (buses Minsk-Logoisk # 250, 251, 350, 351, which run 20-30 minutes; also van number 1198 leaves for Logoisk every 30 minutes).

223110, Minsk Region,
Logoisk District

Working time: - Mon-Fri - 12:00 - 20:00, - Sat-Sun - 10:00 - 20:00
Tel1: +375-29-1530075,
Tel2: +375-1721658,
Tel3: +375-177453795,
Tel4: +375-177453797,
Tel5: +375-29-6530075 (Hotel)

Skiing in the Alps or I'll just Ski in Belarus! Holding the Ski Poles & keeping the balance! We know many out there choose to Ski because they love the sport, are professionals and want that extra adrenaline rush but there are many who follow the trend, or should we say "Fashion". What's your reason behind Skiing? Do you find it an easy sport?

Enlighten readers with your knowledge and share with us your experiences (if any) Do you know how to Ski?...Write why you haven't you tried the sport or why you love the sport!

(Send us your material and we will select the best one and have it published on our BLOG for everyone to read and will also get a special souvenir sent in from Belarus! - Email:

"Kalyady" Festival...Belarussian Ancient Slavic Christian Holiday!

Photo Credits: Yandex | Taken from website:
The Kalyady Festival in Belarus represents the Ancient Slavic Christian Holiday which depicts the suns movement orbiting into the New Year. The festival usually begins around the mid of January (Dates can vary) and lasts for a day but more in the suburb regions.

The festival is celebrated by one individual wearing an icon or a masks of a goat, and the others, including men & women wearing colorful costumes, traveling around the streets, visiting family & friends to share the festivity bringing in the good news of the New Year.

The festival in old times was called "15 Days of Fun!" because Belarussian ancestors celebrated it from the 5th till the 19th of January. "Maslenica" Folk Festival Folk Festival to welcome the Spring Season!

Photo Credits: Taken from the following website

The Maslenica Folk Festival was celebrated to welcome the Spring Season. Its usually falls on the following dates - 1st week of March or mid of the month. This holiday is very much similar to the "Western Christian Carnival" or to "Mardi Gras". Usually this sun festival comes after the Christian Season of Lent, and symbolizes the end of the winter season and the coming of the Spring as mentioned earlier. One of the oldest traditions of this festival is making of a straw doll, dressed in old women clothing, decorated with colorful ribbons & laces that is later put on a wooden pyre to torch symbolizing farewell to the winter, and all old ill luck. In this festival, a key ingredient is the making of pancakes along with the festive dances where everyone holds each others hands in a circle and moves around the fire. They also play streets & alleys and take part in various competitions.

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Hostels in Belarus!

Top 5 Hostels in Belarus that travelers check into!

Belarus (Officially The Republic of Belarus) is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Its capital is Minsk; other major cities include Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk.

- The territory of Belarus covers 207.6 thousand square kilometers,
- The country faces climatic changes of moderate continental, with cold winters and warm summers,
- Local time is GMT 3 hours,

The Population of The Republic of Belarus is about 10 million people and comprises of:

* Belarusians - 81.2%,
* Russians - 11.4%,
* Poles - 3.9%,
* Ukrainians - 2.4%,
* Tatars, Lithuanians and representatives of other nationalities.

Christianity (Orthodoxy and Catholicism) is the dominant religion and the official spoken languages are Belarusian & Russian.

Phone numbers of rescue services:
101 - rescue service and fire brigade,
102 - police,
103 - ambulance,
104 - gas service.

The country has a 24-hour information line - 185 which can be dialed at anytime for assistance. However, the service is in Russian but at times you may find someone who speaks little English.

All of the above mentioned services can be called from any telephone absolutely free.

If you are looking for an economical or budget Hostel then you may book through our website at, and get the best deals as we are proudly in partnership with Hostelworld which caters to 27,000 Hostels in 180 countries worldwide and is also in partnership with Germany (Simply Inspiring).

Belarus - The Blue Eyed Country
Filled with Lakes & Rivers...

Travel Insurance for The Republic of Belarus
Local Insurance Giant - Belgosstrah Insurance Company

If you are traveling to Belarus then buying Travel Insurance is mandatory. Although you may purchase Travel Insurance from various insurance company's online abroad or that sell worldwide insurance, it would still be necessary for you to buy Travel Insurance for yourself, your family & friends, if they are traveling with you on entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Travel Insurance can be bought at the Minsk 2 Airport - Belgosstrah counter or anywhere outside in the city after you have exited the airport. However, as it is mandatory then it would be advisable to purchase it at the Airport itself.

Video Credits:  | Watch Video On YouTube!

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Book Hostels Online Now

EasyFlat Hostel - Minsk
Berestianskaya St.,4, Flat 21

(Nearest Metro Station as per the direction you are looking to arrive from - Victory Square / Yakuba Kolasa Sq / Pervomayskaya).

EasyFlat Hostel is located in the city center of Minsk but at the same time is very much away from the city bustle. It's a nice place to enjoy a warm warm receipt and an atmosphere very much like the comfort of your home.

EasyFlat Hostel is an accommodation for active tourists who would like to spend their trip with comfort and at the same time with minimum of costs. Most of the time travelers choose a place which is warm and cozy and EasyFlat has done just that to make their guests feel at home.

So what's included in their price? - Bed linen, towel, slippers, Cozy two-storied bed with orthopedic mattress, Wi-Fi Internet, Tea, potable water, Hairdryer, iron, ironing board, draining board, Refrigerator, microwave oven, kitchen stove, tableware, Private lockable cupboard.

Here are some additional costs to keep in mind when choosing EasyFlat: Laundering, Ironing, Safe, LAVAZZA coffee prepared in the coffee machine especially for you...

Now lets get to their Cancellation Policy: EasyFlat allows its guests to cancel their booking 1 day before arrival so if you have to cancel your booking due to a sudden change in plans then make it a must to inform them well in advance so that the Hostel can action your request without any inconveniences either to you or the Hostel itself.

EasyFlat Check In time is 2.00 pm and the latest you may Check Out by is at 1.00 pm. (Minsk Standard Time). The Hostel accepts payment upon arrival in Cash or Credit Cards. Please note that Breakfast is not included in the price but no worries as you can step into the nearest grocery store (Magazine) and get a quick meal of the shelf or request for breakfast (Charges would apply).

Jazz Hostel - Minsk


(Nearest Metro Station (s) as per the direction you are looking to arrive from - Yakuba Kolasa Sq / Nemiga / Victory Sq).

Jazz Hostel is located in a quiet & calm district of Minsk. The Hostel is comfortable and is the perfect place for travelers visiting Belarus for rest and work. Jazz Hostel is a three-floored cottage, which is located at 37A Mozyrskaya Street. It has a reception which works 24/7. Much of the rooms available come with double beds; a shared room for study with TV and wi-fi internet; a well-equipped kitchen with refrigerator, gas-cooker, microwave oven and potable water; a big bathroom with a shower, and a separate toilet is also available on the first floor of the Hostel.

At the reception you may buy mineral water and different snacks. Pick up a map of the city or learn the timetable of the city transport. You can also request a taxi and book different excursions or tickets to the concerts being performed at the national academic opera and ballet theater of The Republic of Belarus.

On the second floor of the Jazz Hostel are rooms which can accommodate 5-10 people. There is a toilet with shower facilities and two big balconies near the rooms. The Jazz Hostel can offer another room for little concerts or conferences on the third floor of the cottage as many travelers may need the facility for official purposes and it does suit its purpose.

The Jazz Hostel grounds are equipped with a variety of extra activities for the traveler such as table tennis (ping-pong), darts, soccer and barbecue facilities in the courtyard which is quite popular. The Jazz Hostel also provides parking for your cars or/and bicycles.

A strong word of advice: The Jazz Hostel follows certain safety norms for its guests of which below are certain "Don't s"

* Smoking and drinking alcohol in the Hostel premises or in the rooms is strictly prohibited,
* Showing signs of aggressiveness, making a fuss or being in an excited state of agitation is not accepted,
* Shouting or yelling in the corridor and disturbing the rest of the guests in the Hostel would not be appreciated.

Now lets get to their Cancellation Policy: Jazz Hostel allows its guests to cancel their booking 3 days before arrival so if you have to cancel your booking due to a sudden change in plans then make it a must to inform them well in advance so that the Hostel can action your request without any inconveniences either to you or the Hostel itself.

Jazz Hostel Check In time is 13:00 and the latest you may Check Out by is at 12.00. (Minsk Standard Time). The Hostel accepts payment upon arrival in Cash only.

Traveler Hostel - Minsk
Golodeda street, 9a

(Nearest Metro Station (s)as per the direction you are looking to arrive from - Mogylevskaya / Avtozavodskaya).

Travelers Hostel Minsk is located at a distance of 20 minutes from the Minsk Railway Station that connects Belarus to the European Union borders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russian Continent in the east & northeast & the Ukraine in the south. So if you are looking to visit Belarus for business or pleasure, are alone or with your family or friends, and looking to stay over night for a day or two the Travelers Hostel is a good choice. Hotels all around Belarus are quite expensive and do eat into your pocket if you are on a budget. On the other hand then if you are looking for economical hotels then many of them do not have even a website or an online-booking facility which half the time are almost fully booked or lack quality in service. Traveler Hostel Minsk gives a classy touch to all with quality service and a perfect solution. Whether you want to party, shop, enjoy a walk in an arts gallery, embrace the Belorussian culture or just meet new people then you've definitely come to the right place.

Travelers Hostel Minsk provides Free WI-Fi, X-Box games, a tennis & volleyball court, Free coffee & tea, arrangements for parties & events. There is a special discount for students. Pick up a Free map of the city from the reception.

Travelers Hostel Minsk guarantees quality service with a 24 hour reception open to guests. Modern security systems with clean & smartly decorated rooms for the budget traveler. Free laundry services to in-house guest and a responsive staff to provide prompt service when ever needed.

Other facilities & amenities include: Cable TV, Washing Machine, An Outdoor Terrace, Towels & Hairdryers are available but charges would apply, business center services such as send & receiving faxes are available too (Charges would apply). Travelers can purchase National Souvenirs from the Hostel upon their departure.

Now lets get to their Cancellation Policy: Travelers Hostel Minsk allows its guest to cancel their booking 1 day before arrival so if you have to cancel your booking due to a sudden change in plans then make it a must to inform them well in advance so that the Hostel can action your request without any inconveniences either to you or the Hostel itself.

It is advisable to contact the Hostel concerning your arrival. The Hostel accepts payment upon arrival in Cash only. Rooms at the Travelers Hostel Minsk come without breakfast so its always good to inquire about it if you would like to have the arrangement made well in advance and the cost towards the service.

Postoyalets Hostel - Minsk
Partizansky Ave. 147

Postoyalets Hostel - (Nearest Metro Station (s) - Mogylevskaya / Avtozavodskaya / Partizanskaya).

Postoyalet Hostel is located again in a quiet area of Minsk but very much near the city center. It offers a comfortable stay for the budget traveler. The Hostel is family friendly and also caters to travelers staying in groups or frineds.

Postoyalet Hostel comes with rooms that have 2, 6, & 8 bed accommodation. Television and WI-Fi facilities are offered to Travelers staying in their comfortable renovated suite room. The Hostel has used all modern hotel business technologies and materials of high quality guaranteeing their guests high standards of safety and security with a high level of comfort added to their stay.

The Postoyalet Hostel also follows certain safety norms for its guests of which below are certain "Don'ts"

* Smoking and drinking alcohol in the Hostel premises or in the rooms is strictly prohibited,
* Inviting guest that do not reside in the Hostel after 22:00 hours is prohibited.

Now lets get to their Cancellation Policy: Postoyalet Hostel allows its guests to cancel their booking 1 day before arrival so if you have to cancel your booking due to a sudden change in plans then make it a must to inform them well in advance so that the Hostel can action your request without any inconveniences either to you or the Hostel itself.

Postoyalet Hostel Check In time is 12:00 and the latest you may Check Out by is at 12.00. (Minsk Standard Time).The Hostel accepts payment upon arrival in Cash & credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) are also accepted.

Viva Hostel - Minsk
Zhukovskogo St, 4

Viva Hostel Minsk - (Nearest Metro Station - Institut Kultury / Lenin Square / Pervomayskaya).

Viva Hostel is located in the center of Minsk, primarily aimed at young people who come from different cities and countries. The Hostel offers their guests a comfortable budget accommodation in their inexpensive mini-hotel. The Hostel is close to various attractions and the public transport services. It is located at the Zhukovsky street, which is a 5-minute walk from the metro station "Institut Kultury" as well as a 7-minute walk from Central Railway and other stations.

The Hostel has a 24 hours reception that has a friendly staff awaiting to service your needs, to help you make your stay in Minsk, memorable and comfortable: to provide you with information about all the interesting places in Minsk, Belarus. The reception also assist with railway bookings, air tickets, theater tickets and taxis.

Viva hostel also offers its residents with facilities such as: bike rental, excursions organization in Minsk and its environs.

Viva Hostel comes with 4, 5, & 10 bed accommodation, and all rooms in the hostel cater to both genders together.

So what's included in their price? - Bed linen, towels and slippers, Wi Fi Internet, TV in every room with a collection of various films, Tea, coffee, water, Iron and ironing board, hair dryer, Umbrellas, Fridge, microwave, kettle, crockery, Luggage storage, individual cells, Games, Game console X-BOX, Taxi, Organization of excursions (tours themselves are to be paid), Public parking.

Here are some additional costs to keep in mind when choosing Viva Hostel: Laundry, Maps of the city, Rent a bike, Laptop rental, Copier, Scanner.

Viva Hostel Check In time is 13:00 and the latest you may Check Out by is at 12.00. (Minsk Standard Time). The Hostel accepts payment upon arrival in Cash & credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) are also accepted.

Preparing for your trip!
A Traveler's Packing List

It's always good to do a bit of homework before you are visiting any country. If you are a budget traveler then it's all the more important for to know what you need before you actually reach your final destination. At times we tend to rush through things, and make a mistake of forgetting the smallest details which could be expensive at a later stage if we had just been prepared.

Here below is a packing list:
o The basics,
o Personal,
o Clothing,
o Children & infants,
o Additional travel gear,
o Camping Equipment,
o Other useful items

The Basics:
* Cargo bag/suitcase
* Credit and telephone cards
* Shoulder bag/day-pack
* Health insurance card
* Luggage ID tags
* Emergency contact information
* Personal/student ID and driver's license
* Address book
* Wallet and cash
* Phrase books and guide books
* Traveler's checks
* Maps
* Passport, visa, and tourist card
* Money belt and passport carrier
* Tickets


* Soap and container
* Hair spray/mousse
* Toilet paper
* Medicines and prescriptions
* Extra glasses/contacts and prescription
* Vitamins
* Sunglasses - (Depending on the weather)
* Shampoo
* Feminine hygiene products
* Comb and brush
* Make up
* Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
* Razor and blades
* Lip balm and sun screen - (Depending on the weather)
* Shaving cream
* Small towel and washcloth
* Aftershave
* Pre-moistened towel
* Deodorant
* Earplugs
* Hairdryer - (Available on hire at Hostels)

* Rain gear or seasonal coat
* Swimsuit - (Depending on the weather)
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Pajamas or nightgown
* Dress shoes
* Bathrobe and slippers
* Athletic shoes
* Sandals
* Rubber thongs/slaps
* Sweater For women
* Shirts/blouses
* Dress
* T-shirts
* Skirt - (Depending on the weather)
* Jeans
* Slip
* Slacks
* Stockings/tights
* Shorts
* Underwear
* Socks For men
* Seasonal hat
* Tie
* Gloves/mittens
* Belt/suspenders
* Bandanna
* Tuxedo
* Belt
* Long underwear

Children & Infants
* Diapers and diaper wipes
* Night light
* Toys and books
* Formula
* Bottles, brushes, and accessories

Additional Travel Gear
* Pet food and toys
* Travel journal
* Laptop computer
* Portable printer and scanner
* Cell phone

Other useful Items* Dried fruit and healthful snacks
* Sheet bag for hostels
* Books and magazines
* Small flashlight
* Playing cards
* Watch and alarm clock
* Notebook and pen
* Video camera, camera, and film
* Stationery, envelopes, and stamps
* Travel iron or steamer
* Business cards
* Sewing kit with safety pins
* Inflatable pillow
* Umbrella
* Emergency space blanket
* Compass
* Pocket hammock
* Safety pins
* Coat hangers
* Plastic bags with seals
* Nylon cord/clothes line
* Rip-stop repair tape
* Laundry soap
* Combination lock
* Flat rubber drain plug
* Nylon duffel (folded)
* Scrub brush
* Small nylon bags
* Voltage adapter and plug adapters
* Batteries
* Binoculars

Otelbookers - Public Demand!
Choose from the 5 Hostels in Minsk given here below!

Which Hostel In Belarus would you recommend as a Budget Traveler? 
(Enter your answer in the comments section!) 

  1. EasyFlat Hostel - Minsk
  2. Jazz Hostel - Minsk
  3. Traveler Hostel - Minsk
  4. Postoyalets Hostel - Minsk
  5. Viva Hostel - Minsk

Minsk City Tour Bus

"Hop in! - Its the new travel on wheels!" - The Minsk City Tour Bus!

Minsk City Tour Bus
Minsk City Tour
On the 16th of December 2012, Minsk, Belarus began the first city tour bus service for its tourists visiting Belarus. The Double Decker Red Bus service comes with an audio guide who speaks in 8 languages. The Two-Storey Red Double Decker Bus will tour the capitals main city sites.

The project has been laid out in conjunction with a commercial entity, and the department of Information & tourist center is assisting in the routing, translation of details into the respective foreign languages, as well as making a recorded audio guide available for its travelers boarding the Red Double Decker Bus.

The project was unfolded to anticipate an increase in tourism & tourists from various countries so as to learn more about the country. Similar types of city tours are available in countries such as the UK & other parts of Europe as well. A good example is the 'Berlin Route #100", which extends past all the main attractions and allows tourists to explore the city on wheels.

Minsk Clock Tower
Gateway to the City! 

Minsk Clock Tower
The Minsk Clock Tower is directly opposite the Minsk Railway Station which connects to all of Europe & Russia (Moscow & St.Petersburg). It is also the gateway to the city which stands to welcome visitors to the city of Minsk, Belarus. The Towers were built in the years after the second world war and hold the largest clock brought in from Germany.

The clock that hangs over the gateway is considered to be over a 100 years old and still resonates history that this beautiful country passed through in the many year that have gone by. Passing through these gates, you would find yourself standing in 'Kirov Street' which is considered to be the 1st micro-district in the Minsk region.


Minsk City Tour Bus - Genesis!
Two-Storey Red Double Decker Bus 

Minsk City Tour Bus
The new Minsk City Tour Bus can be seen parked near the Minsk Railway Station and tickets for the tour can be purchased from the ticket counter at the following prices:

- The trip cost for a single adult passenger in Belarussian Roubles would cost BYR 90,000/- (Approx$11/-),
- The trip cost for a single child passenger in Belarussian Roubles would cost BYR 50,000/- (Approx $6/-)

However, the first Monday of the month is considered as "Charity Day!" so individuals from Orphanages can ride for free, and all the money raised from the sale of the tour would go to help the needy, homeless & poor.

The tour starts at the train / train station with an approximate duration of 1.5-2 hours. The trip includes the following destination en-route:

- The Palace of the Republic,
- The circus,
- The Academy of Sciences,
- The Botanical Gardens,
- The National Library,
- The Trinity Suburb,
- The sports complex "Minsk-Arena",
- The City Hall and much more...

The above route offers passengers an opportunity to explore the main attraction of the city on wheels. Moving on then the bus moves through the route at a speed of 30-40 km / h, but at the end of the trip, it feels like as the wonderful journey through the city was only covered in a few minutes.


Minsk City Tour Bus - Running Hours & Extra's
Two-Storey Red Double Decker Bus

Minsk City Tour Bus
The bus is scheduled to run daily 4 times a day at the following hours of operation:

 - 11:00 hours,
- 13:30 hours,
- 16:00 hours,
- and 18:30 hours.

 More buses are to follow on the route so as to allow visitors to get off and explore the attractions and then return to the bust stop to continue the tour. Tickets would also be modified in the future to increase their validity for longer day day trips.

 An interesting aspect of the tour is the fun ride on red MANe, a retro designed Bus primarily for foreigners which gives tourists a feeling of an aged style, and is also equipped with an audio guide in 7 languages:

 - Belarussian,
- Russian,
- English,
- German,
- French,
- Spanish,
- and Italian.

 Other languages such as Arabic & Chinese are also going to be added to the list above allowing tourists from different countries coming from that particular region to understand the information about the city. Further more then there is a special channel also for kids with recorded fairy tales to capture their interest.

City Tour Trips On Wheels!
Public Opinion!

If you have traveled on a City Tour Bus earlier in the past and have explored many attractions on wheels then we would like to hear from you on your experience. Further more then if you have visited Minsk, Belarus and have taken a trip on the Minsk City Tour Bus then we would like you to choose from the options below and tell us why you would prefer one over the other. It would be nice if you gave a detailed description of your trip and add in an image or two. Send in your material to the following email:

  • Which city tour would you prefer and why?

  • We would very much appreciate your comments!