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Back to the medieval times of "Noble Knights and Lovely Ladies!"

Back to the medieval times of
"Noble Knights and Lovely Ladies!

Knoble Knights and Lovely Ladies!
Knoble Knights and Lovely Ladies!
"Knights!"What comes into your mind when you hear this word? Especially, as this question would be perfect for the fairer sex, and most probably the answer would be "A polished warrior who is ready to do everything for the lady of his heart". It is not a problem for him to kill a dragon, bring all the riches of the world to her feet, and love her till the end of time. It sounds so romantic, and reminds us all of a beautiful fairy-tail,

Who hasn't dreamt to possibly return back to the medieval times, and be able to see with at least one eye covered these noble knights, and brave warriors fight tournaments with each other in honor of their lovely ladies or for the fulfillment of some other noble vows? Then what better place could you visit then this small country in the middle of Europe called Belarus, where you would get a chance to explore such duals once again!

Belarusian lands lie on the crossroads of Europe due to which they always attracted conquerors from different countries. This further led to the need of courageous strong soldiers to protect them, who were known as noble knights. In medieval times, in the 13th century, Belarusian lands were first part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and later part of Rzecz Pospolita. In those old times, on Belarusian lands various subunits of knights were formed and various wooden fortresses were erected on borders for the defense of principalities against conquerors, for example, such as crusaders. The knight was a warrior with a keen sense of self-worth. In any battle he was dependant only on himself, and could become famous, by showing his bravery, the strength of his armor and the speed of his horse. In a battle knights were always very fair towards their enemies showing their grace and mercy all the time. As those times, the victory meant to drive the enemy out of the saddle and take him prisoner. Unfortunately, with the emergence of firearms, the armor stopped to be a strong protection, and knights lost their specific position in the society.

However, in Belarus, at the end of 20th century knights started to come back, as knights clubs, and later knights tournaments and festivals were created. The main medieval festivals and knights tournaments in Belarus are held in Novogrudok, Zaslavl, Nesvizh and Mir. There you can meet young men and girls in medieval hand-made costumes and to watch knights' tournaments which have already become a tradition in Belarus. You will have the possibility to take some amazing pictures and make memories you will want to relive. A Belarusian knights festivals is a must see!

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Knights tournaments in Mir Castle!
A must see when you visit Belarus. 

Mir Castle in Belarus

 In summer, you can find yourself in medieval times visiting one of the most beautiful castles in Belarus - 'Mir Castle', that is located 90 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Usually in June and July, knights tournaments take place here, and they are very much similar to Western European jousts of the 14th- 16th centuries.

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Knights tournaments in Mir Castle

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Knights tournaments in Mir Castle

Also every year they organize the international knight tournament here that is called "The Heritage of Centuries", in which about 800 participants from different countries take part. Costumes, armor, arms, mode of life match fully the era in which the warriors lived, and fought. In order to take part in such medieval tournaments, a knight-participant has to own a whole set of arming. But you can't buy ready armor, as they are always made with hands and very unique. Each piece of the metal harness matches its historical analog. All modern armor of knights is about 30 kilos, however in medieval times they were much heavier, and warriors could run, lie down on their stomachs, and get up without help.

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Knights tournaments in Mir Castle

Knights tournaments usually begin with a solemn presentation of all knights-participants. Every knight shows his symbol - the emblem, and also presents his slogan. Heraldic symbols are very important, as they can tell a lot about the personality of knights. The sword of knights is the most important symbol of medieval times. The knight used to have it with him all the time, even not wearing all his armor, otherwise he used to be considered naked in front of all people. The dedication into a knight was made also with the help of the sword and its handle was like a cross.

During such medieval festivals, all participants try to follow the mode of life of those ancient times, not only while taking part in battles, but also while having a rest: they usually live in tents, chop wood, prepare food on fire. Girls cook dishes that are typical of medieval times. One of the favorite and popular recipes of the festival is the "Lombard Cheese Soup, the main ingredients of which are celery, a hard kind of cheese, parsley, dill, leek and salt.

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Medieval music and dances in Mir Castle

 All tourists can plunge into the era of knight's tournaments, become a witness of events that took place in fields of medieval battles, and feel a charming atmosphere of the medieval festival with its music and dances. Except all mentioned things there is usually a full entertaining program with lots of very interesting competitions, medieval music, a crafts Fair, and various attractions.

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International Knight's Festival!
"The Heritage of Centuries" 

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Nesvizh Castle - Belarus!
Medieval festivals and knights tournament 

Knights tournaments in Nesvizh Castle
Some other magnificent Belarusian Castle, that is called Nesvizh Castle, is located near Mir Castle, around 112 kms from the city of Minsk and it also holds such medieval events as knights tournaments from time to time. Nesvizh Palace & Park complex is the most famous in Belarus, and it was included in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO in 2006. It is also famous for its ghost "Black Lady" wandering around the corridors of Nesvizh Castle during moonless nights. It is the spirit of Barbara Radzivill, who was the Polish King's wife - Zhigimont August II. However, you'll get to know more interesting facts about the ghost Black Lady in our next Blogger lens.
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Knights tournaments in Nesvizh Castle
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Lida Castle - Belarus!
Medieval Horse Knights Tournaments. 

Knights tournaments in Lida Castle
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Medieval Festivals and Knights Tournament in Novogrudok!
Capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the period of the 13th-15th centuries. 

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History about Knights and Tournaments!
In The Medieval Times. 

First knights tournaments
 The Knight tournament is a military competition of knights in medieval Western Europe. They were created in the 11th century, and the country of origin was France. Geoffrey de Preili was called the father of the knights tournament, as this Frenchman created the rules for the 1st tournaments. The most interesting fact is that he was killed during one of such knights tournaments, for which he had created the rules himself. The main purpose of the 1st knights tournaments in France for warriors was to show their physical strength, stamina and courage. Such medieval festivals were mainly organized in honor of solemn events such as marriage ceremonies of kings or the birth of heirs.
Only a well-trained man could become a knight. In medieval times, feudal who fought for their king or representatives of the upper class could become knights. There were also 7 virtues, which the knight had to possess or know how to do: riding, fencing, the art of using the spear, swimming, hunting, playing chess, composing and singing verses in honor of the lady of his heart.
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Would you want to be a Knight & walk down those alleys in royal armour like they did? 

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