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Minsk City Tour Bus

"Hop in! - Its the new travel on wheels!" - The Minsk City Tour Bus!

Minsk City Tour Bus
Minsk City Tour
On the 16th of December 2012, Minsk, Belarus began the first city tour bus service for its tourists visiting Belarus. The Double Decker Red Bus service comes with an audio guide who speaks in 8 languages. The Two-Storey Red Double Decker Bus will tour the capitals main city sites.

The project has been laid out in conjunction with a commercial entity, and the department of Information & tourist center is assisting in the routing, translation of details into the respective foreign languages, as well as making a recorded audio guide available for its travelers boarding the Red Double Decker Bus.

The project was unfolded to anticipate an increase in tourism & tourists from various countries so as to learn more about the country. Similar types of city tours are available in countries such as the UK & other parts of Europe as well. A good example is the 'Berlin Route #100", which extends past all the main attractions and allows tourists to explore the city on wheels.

Minsk Clock Tower
Gateway to the City! 

Minsk Clock Tower
The Minsk Clock Tower is directly opposite the Minsk Railway Station which connects to all of Europe & Russia (Moscow & St.Petersburg). It is also the gateway to the city which stands to welcome visitors to the city of Minsk, Belarus. The Towers were built in the years after the second world war and hold the largest clock brought in from Germany.

The clock that hangs over the gateway is considered to be over a 100 years old and still resonates history that this beautiful country passed through in the many year that have gone by. Passing through these gates, you would find yourself standing in 'Kirov Street' which is considered to be the 1st micro-district in the Minsk region.


Minsk City Tour Bus - Genesis!
Two-Storey Red Double Decker Bus 

Minsk City Tour Bus
The new Minsk City Tour Bus can be seen parked near the Minsk Railway Station and tickets for the tour can be purchased from the ticket counter at the following prices:

- The trip cost for a single adult passenger in Belarussian Roubles would cost BYR 90,000/- (Approx$11/-),
- The trip cost for a single child passenger in Belarussian Roubles would cost BYR 50,000/- (Approx $6/-)

However, the first Monday of the month is considered as "Charity Day!" so individuals from Orphanages can ride for free, and all the money raised from the sale of the tour would go to help the needy, homeless & poor.

The tour starts at the train / train station with an approximate duration of 1.5-2 hours. The trip includes the following destination en-route:

- The Palace of the Republic,
- The circus,
- The Academy of Sciences,
- The Botanical Gardens,
- The National Library,
- The Trinity Suburb,
- The sports complex "Minsk-Arena",
- The City Hall and much more...

The above route offers passengers an opportunity to explore the main attraction of the city on wheels. Moving on then the bus moves through the route at a speed of 30-40 km / h, but at the end of the trip, it feels like as the wonderful journey through the city was only covered in a few minutes.


Minsk City Tour Bus - Running Hours & Extra's
Two-Storey Red Double Decker Bus

Minsk City Tour Bus
The bus is scheduled to run daily 4 times a day at the following hours of operation:

 - 11:00 hours,
- 13:30 hours,
- 16:00 hours,
- and 18:30 hours.

 More buses are to follow on the route so as to allow visitors to get off and explore the attractions and then return to the bust stop to continue the tour. Tickets would also be modified in the future to increase their validity for longer day day trips.

 An interesting aspect of the tour is the fun ride on red MANe, a retro designed Bus primarily for foreigners which gives tourists a feeling of an aged style, and is also equipped with an audio guide in 7 languages:

 - Belarussian,
- Russian,
- English,
- German,
- French,
- Spanish,
- and Italian.

 Other languages such as Arabic & Chinese are also going to be added to the list above allowing tourists from different countries coming from that particular region to understand the information about the city. Further more then there is a special channel also for kids with recorded fairy tales to capture their interest.

City Tour Trips On Wheels!
Public Opinion!

If you have traveled on a City Tour Bus earlier in the past and have explored many attractions on wheels then we would like to hear from you on your experience. Further more then if you have visited Minsk, Belarus and have taken a trip on the Minsk City Tour Bus then we would like you to choose from the options below and tell us why you would prefer one over the other. It would be nice if you gave a detailed description of your trip and add in an image or two. Send in your material to the following email:

  • Which city tour would you prefer and why?

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