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Winter Activities for a healthy mind & body!

Winter Activities for a healthy mind & body!

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Here is another wonderful place that can be visited by travelers for both an active winter or to rest in the summer in Belarus. Welcome "Logoisk" Ski Resort! The resort is located 30kms from Minsk, and is a modern ski resort that meets with the European standards. It is a real adrenaline paradise for amateurs of extreme activities. The resort is open to the general public & its visitors round the year. The "Logoisk" resort offers 5 lightened ski trails which are 3679 m long, the height of which varies till 82mts. All of them are equipped with a quad ski lift, which can carry about two thousand people per hour. There is also a rope tow there. Beginners can use the service of experienced instructors and train on a specially designed slope that has been just for them, the height of which is 11m, and the length is 120 m. The Logoisk Ski Resort Video Credits: Youtube Member "gsoklogoisk" Picturesque nature and various sorts of adventures are waiting for you in "Logoisk" Ski Resort. Come and build unforgettable memories!

ГСОК «Логойск» Презентация by gsoklogoisk | video info curated content from YouTube

"Logoisk" Ski Resort Visitor favorites & attractions!
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One of the favorite things for many visitors of the resort is the attraction called "Rope City". It's a unique adventurous terrain with a set of obstacles. The attraction is for everyone older then 10 years old who would like to overcome the fear of heights and face adventure.

What everyone would find here is fascinating as the terrain has got hanging streets, bridges and 3 adventurous tracks:

1. Green Track - The beginners track! (Upto 3mts)
2. Blue Track - Complex is for the confident amateurs (From 6 to 9mts)
3. Black Track - Finally the 'Extra!" Complex which is for the professionals (From 6 to 12mts)

At the resort then in the winter time, there are organized nights of skiing, Celebrations of Belarusian folk festivals such as the "Kalyady" (Usually takes place in the middle of January), "Maslenica" (In the last week of March), and numerous competitions and performances that take place during the year.

Here listed are a few of the above activities:
1. International Beer Festival - "Kubok Piva"
2. International Fireworks Festival - "Navalnica"
3. International Rally of Air Balloons Amateurs
4. International Rally Bikers - "Rolling Anarchy"
5. International Drift Competitions,

If you want to experience the wonderful nature, and enjoy complete rest then take a trip to the "Logoisk" Ski Resort and spend a few days there. A Hotel is located on the territory of the resort, which was built in the year 2005. Every hotel room comes with all the essentials: TV, telephone, shower, and WC. WiFi is available but extra charges apply. "Logoisk" Ski Resort Summer Activites & Meeting Facilities!

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Further more then the resort has also facilities for such summer activities, such as paintball, mini-football, volleyball, tennis, and ATVs.

Other facilities include: 
- A free car-parking,
- A restaurant,
- A rental office of sports equipment,
- A shooting range,
- A billiards room,
- A fitness center, a sauna,
- A 3D-cinema,
- A disco-bar,
- A summer houses for barbecue,
- & a beach near the forest lake where you can enjoy swimming under the hot sun or rent a boat to go fishing!

The "Logoisk" resort is referred to one of the best places for business seminars, meetings, presentations, and conferences. The resort facilitates halls of different space & seating to hold all participants for any type of corporate meetings. It is also an excellent place for individuals, family and corporate recreation. Directions:

You can reach the "Logoisk" Ski Resort from Minsk, from bus station "Moskovskii" (buses Minsk-Logoisk # 250, 251, 350, 351, which run 20-30 minutes; also van number 1198 leaves for Logoisk every 30 minutes).

223110, Minsk Region,
Logoisk District

Working time: - Mon-Fri - 12:00 - 20:00, - Sat-Sun - 10:00 - 20:00
Tel1: +375-29-1530075,
Tel2: +375-1721658,
Tel3: +375-177453795,
Tel4: +375-177453797,
Tel5: +375-29-6530075 (Hotel)

Skiing in the Alps or I'll just Ski in Belarus! Holding the Ski Poles & keeping the balance! We know many out there choose to Ski because they love the sport, are professionals and want that extra adrenaline rush but there are many who follow the trend, or should we say "Fashion". What's your reason behind Skiing? Do you find it an easy sport?

Enlighten readers with your knowledge and share with us your experiences (if any) Do you know how to Ski?...Write why you haven't you tried the sport or why you love the sport!

(Send us your material and we will select the best one and have it published on our BLOG for everyone to read and will also get a special souvenir sent in from Belarus! - Email:

"Kalyady" Festival...Belarussian Ancient Slavic Christian Holiday!

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The Kalyady Festival in Belarus represents the Ancient Slavic Christian Holiday which depicts the suns movement orbiting into the New Year. The festival usually begins around the mid of January (Dates can vary) and lasts for a day but more in the suburb regions.

The festival is celebrated by one individual wearing an icon or a masks of a goat, and the others, including men & women wearing colorful costumes, traveling around the streets, visiting family & friends to share the festivity bringing in the good news of the New Year.

The festival in old times was called "15 Days of Fun!" because Belarussian ancestors celebrated it from the 5th till the 19th of January. "Maslenica" Folk Festival Folk Festival to welcome the Spring Season!

Photo Credits: Taken from the following website

The Maslenica Folk Festival was celebrated to welcome the Spring Season. Its usually falls on the following dates - 1st week of March or mid of the month. This holiday is very much similar to the "Western Christian Carnival" or to "Mardi Gras". Usually this sun festival comes after the Christian Season of Lent, and symbolizes the end of the winter season and the coming of the Spring as mentioned earlier. One of the oldest traditions of this festival is making of a straw doll, dressed in old women clothing, decorated with colorful ribbons & laces that is later put on a wooden pyre to torch symbolizing farewell to the winter, and all old ill luck. In this festival, a key ingredient is the making of pancakes along with the festive dances where everyone holds each others hands in a circle and moves around the fire. They also play streets & alleys and take part in various competitions.

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