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World of Tanks in Belarus!

World of Tanks in Belarus!

Hear the sounds of cranking iron and steel tanks on the battle-field!

Tank & Soldiers
Photo Credits: http://sdp-wot.ucoz.ru/
"World of Tanks" is the most popular computer game all over the world as there are more than 50 millions amateurs of it. Almost every man would like to take part in tank battles of the times of World War II. Without doubts then the computer game "World of Tanks" has given a nice opportunity to fulfill it virtually. But how about finding yourself in the World of Tanks in reality? You would ask if this could be possible? So without further adieu then it couldn't get simpler then this then to hop onto the next flight to Belarus and visit the historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line".

"Stalin Line" is a historical military museum in the open air which was created for the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.  

"Stalin Line" is located in the village Loshany, Minsk region that is 6 km away from the town of Zaslavl, towards the town of Molodechno. In other words, the Stalin Line is situated 25 kms away from the city of Minsk, close to the track "P-28"

An excursion around "Stalin Line" can transfer you to the times of Great Patriotic War and plunge you into the atmosphere of the battle actions that took place here in the summer of 1941. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit the Belarusian World of Tanks!

What can the World of Tanks in Belarus offer you? 

Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://fotki.yandex.ru/

The historical military complex "Stalin Line" were opened on the 30th of June in 2005. Here in June of 1941 there was a line of defense of the Belarusian capital. The total territory of this military museum in open air is about 35 hectares.

On the territory of the museum "Stalin Line" you can see the original military bunkers, the command and observation post of the war times. Each visitor will have an opportunity go inside the military steel or wooden bunker, where the interior of the pre-war period was recreated with a high degree of reliability and where you can feel the spirit of steel guns in your hands and as if you are a defender of Motherland. There are also all the types of trenches, anti-tank ditches, military dugouts, trenches for ammunition, metal barbed wires of those war times.  

In the military open air museum "Stalin Line" you can also see one of the biggest collections of military vehicles, artillery equipments, tanks, fighter planes, small arms that were used in the times of the Great Patriotic War. All the exhibits are real and it is possible to touch them. On many of them there are still dents of shells, bullets and grease of those times.

In the museum collection besides the famous "T-34" and its brother "T-44" there is also a German self-propelled artillery gun "Stug-III". The military vehicle "Stug-III" was found in river Vihra, in Mogilev region in 2010. By the way, all these rarities don't stand on guard on pedestals, but they still dissect on the "Road of War" like in 1945.

Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://belorys-kh.livejournal.com/

Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://www.krasfun.ru
If you want to feel the power of a military vehicle there will be an opportunity to ride a tank not on a normal road but on a special road called "Road of War" where there are the remains of blasted tanks and fighter planes during World War II. You can ride on or in the following tanks: the legendary pre-war period tank BT-7, the tank PT-76, the tank MTLB, and the tank BTR-40.

Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://www.esosedi.ru

Stalin Line in Belarus

Photo Credits: http://belorys-kh.livejournal.com/

There the pneumatic shooting range also works where kids and teenagers can become sharpshooters for some time. But adults can try real guns of the times of the Great Patriotic War (the machine gun PPSH, the machine gun MP-40, the machine gun MP-41, the assault rifle MP-44, Mosin's rifles, Mauser's, the machine gun "Maxim").

In the "Stalin Line", besides excursions, they also organize theatrical performances on "reconstruction" of battle actions of the times of the Great Patriotic War. On the territory of the complex "Stalin Line" they also make films about the Great Patriotic War from time to time as it has got the best scenery for it.

Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://gallery.greedykidz.net
Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://hypermozek.dreamwidth.org
In order to touch history and get to know about the destiny of the defenders of the city of Minsk, not only Belarusian people go to the Stalin Line. Among visitors there are lots of people from Russia, Baltic countries, Europe, Japan, China. Especially the popular computer game "World of Tanks" warms a great interest in the military museum in open air "Stalin Line"

Note: All the guides in this museum will welcome you wearing the military uniforms of soldiers and commanders of the Red Army. Everyone can also try "soldiers' cereal" at the café called "Na Privale"

Working hours:
Tue - Sun from 10:00 till 18:00
Mon - day off
Tel: (+375 17) 503-20-20, 503-23-43 (information and booking center)
e-mail: info@stalin-line.by
website: http://www.stalin-line.by

What was Stalin's Line during the Great Patriotic War?
From History...

Stalin Line in Belarus
Photo Credits: http://mirror01.lensart.ru

The Stalin Line was a line of defensive fortifications along the former western border of the USSR, from the Karelian Isthmus to the shores of the Black Sea. The line was made up of about twenty three fortified regions including more than four thousand gun emplacements and concrete bunkers. Four of those fortified regions - Polotsk, Minsk, Slutsk, Mozyr - were located on the territory of Belarus. That line of the fortified regions had been built since 1928 till the autumn 1939. However, the Stalin Line didn't play a great role in the war, as by that time when the war began the line had been conserved and disarmed 80 percent. Instead of it in 1941 they started building a similar line of defensive fortifications along the new border of the Soviet Union, so-called The Molotov Line. Nowadays, the remains of the Stalin Line fortifications are located in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

An Interesting fact! 
Photo Credits: http://delostalina.ru

The most interesting fact that in the USSR nobody called officially that line of defensive fortifications "The Stalin Line". Only the German propaganda and the Western press used to call it "The Stalin Line".

Would you like to have your own tanks at home and ride them every day?

Hand-made tanks-sneakers
Photo Credits: http://byaki.net
 This information can be interesting especially for people who are amateurs of the computer game 'World of Tanks" or collectors of tanks. What about having a pair of your own tanks? What does it mean?

Nowadays in Belarus it is possible to order hand-made tanks-sneakers and ride them every day at home. It is a very unusual gift, isn't it? 

The creator of these military hand-made master-pieces is Nadezhda Balodis. She made the 1st pair of tanks for her husband who is also a great amateur of the game "World of Tanks". After that Nadezhda has become involved in this creative activity completely.  

In the photo you can see a pair of the tanks sneakers that is very similar to the German tank of the times of World War II "Tiger". By the way, for creation of a pair of these sneakers about 40 hours are required. A small comparison... If one worker built the real tank "Tiger" on his own it would take him about 156 years. 

If you are interested in these hand-made military vehicles, you can visit this page - http://chup-imprezasan.deal.by/ where you can see the contact data of the creator, and where you can get to know more information about her masterpieces.

The Stalin Line! - In Videos!
Visit Belarus! 

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